10 Commandments For Choosing Wedding Favors

10 Commandments For Choosing Wedding Favors

Wedding traditions have come and gone, but showing appreciation to those who help the bride and groom celebrate their special day is a timeless tradition. Saying thank you will never go out of fashion, yet many brides are stumped when it comes time to chose something to express those words. Wedding favors can be fun when you keep these ten rules in mind.

Commandment # 1

Set a Budget

Wedding favors are important, but can get out of hand. You can save money by creating them yourself only to find you don’t have the 100 hours needed to get the job done. On the other hand, the costs can spiral quickly. Set a limit (whether it be the time you can invest or the money you can spend) and keep in mind the number of guests you expect to attend.

Commandment # 2

Shop Wisely

By the time you get around to buying wedding favors, you’ve probably already made too many decisions to count. Even though you might be ready to just grab the first thing that comes along, take the time to shop around. This is an area where the Internet can come in handy.

Commandment # 3

Match Your Wedding Theme

There are more wedding favor options out there than ants at a summer picnic. Whether you’re having a Hawaiian wedding or a simple country affair, you’ll be able to find something to fit your theme.

Commandment # 4

Walk a Mile

Walk a mile? Sure, the old saying “Walk a mile in their shoes” fits here. If it’s not something you would enjoy taking home from a wedding don’t bother.

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Commandment # 5

Don’t exclude Anyone

Hey, guys go to weddings too. I know, I know… most of them have had their arms twisted and bribes brandied, but they made it. Don’t forget about the gents when you’re choosing wedding favors.

Commandment # 6

Present Your Favor Favorably

Packaging a presentation will get you everywhere. Use ribbons or confetti to add some sparkle. You may want to make things more personal by handing out the favors yourself as you visit the guests during the reception.

Commandment # 7

Use Favors as Part of Your Decorations

There’s no sense in letting all the dollars invested in the perfect wedding favor go to waste. Use your favors as centerpieces for your reception tables or create a splendid display with them.

Commandment # 8

Plan Ahead

No one likes to be left out. Don’t shortchange your guests by not ordering enough. And don’t forget to compensate for favors damaged in shipping.

Commandment # 9

Discard Damaged Favors

Leftovers anyone? You don’t want anyone to feel like they got the bottom of the barrel. Get rid of anything that isn’t perfect.

Commandment # 10

Be Creative

The key to finding the perfect wedding favor for your wedding is to just let your creative juices flow. Have fun! There’s no social law about which favors are right and which are taboo. How can you not have fun when there’s no wrong answer?