Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Blog Topics That Can Help You Attract New Brides

As a wedding planner, what wedding planning tips would you give to a new bride? Bridal magazines often offer tips to the newly engaged to help them navigate through the first 30 days after they have accepted a proposal. Take a page from their book, promote your expertise by creating blog posts offering advice on what to do right after getting engaged.
Take these 5 general areas of concern for new brides, which are often mentioned in the magazines, and write advice and tips that are specifically targeted to the brides in your niche:
1) What to do first
Most magazines suggest brides decide on their budget, size of their guest list, location, style, season and time of day. You can write blog posts about how to make decisions around each of these areas and have at least six posts.
2) Budget tips
Write a list of the top ten ways the brides in your niche can save money on their weddings. Of course, one way should be to hire you, the wedding planner, who knows the best vendors, can negotiate costs and manage the day without stress.
You can also write a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” and be sure to write that hiring you as a wedding planner is a “Do” and the reasons why.
3) Who pays for what
This is always a popular topic. The answer you write will depend on the how traditional or modern the couples in your niche are.
4) The subjects that need to be discussed with families
Write blog posts on subjects that should be discussed with parents and children, if the bride and groom already have a family. Topics might include the budget, location, guest list, cultural traditions that need to be observed during the ceremony, and how to include their children.
You can write about your expertise in the area of handling the issues that are important to the bride and groom.
5) The things that don’t need to be done right away
A bride can get carried away with doing things that she likes first, instead of what makes the best sense. (For example, selecting her dress before deciding on her venue.) You can offer tips in your blog about prioritizing her time and responsibilities. This is an opportunity to talk about the importance of hiring a wedding planner to help with responsibilities and to keep a wedding on track.
When you share advice and tips on your blog, you establish yourself as an expert and as the wedding planner a bride needs to hire to plan her wedding.

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