Boundary Issues – Establish Boundaries Before The Wedding

Marriages don’t always run as smoothly as we would like. Working out issues before the wedding day can save you lots of heartache. A subject that doesn’t often come to mind is the issue of boundaries. Ladies, if your husband to be is a momma’s boy, you will probably run into some boundaries issues. The typical momma’s boy will quickly tell his mother everything that is going on in your marriage. To make matters worse, he will put you in a bad light whenever you get into a squabble.
This is not only detrimental to your marriage, it will also put a strain on your relationship with his mom. He feels so attached to mommy that he doesn’t understand that he and his wife are now one unit. A friend of the family married one of these weak individuals and experienced a lot of regrets. She knew way before the wedding what type of man he was. His mother made herself the wedding planner, picking out the wedding colors and wedding theme, and her fiance didn’t do anything to stop her. He told our friend to let his mom have her way to make her happy.
This was a serious boundary violation. Our friend should have drew the line in the sand at that moment. Instead, she acted just as wussy as her husband. At the time she felt giving her mother-in-law her way would bring them closer. Unfortunately, it only made things worse because now her mother-in-law is always interfering in their marriage. Ladies, if your engaged to an individual like the one describes above, straighten him out now. He needs to know as soon as possible that you are number one in his life, not his mother. Things won’t be any different once the wedding is over and your living as man and wife. Get those boundaries established quickly as possible and eliminate unnecessary stress in your marriage before it starts.

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