Cheap Wedding Decorations and Wedding Favor Ideas

Truth be told when we hear the word ‘cheap’ in describing most things, historically we have images of the tackiest items that you can get at bargain prices, for a reason! No one wants them! However, we can walk into a discount dollar store and get several toiletry items we use daily, gift bags, wrapping paper, even dishes and cards that are no different than what you’d typically find in a large department store and you’re getting them for a fraction of the price. Just because it didn’t come with a large price tag does not mean it’s not functional or means that it’s something hideous.
For a lot of us, we operate our lives and households on a budget and for us to stretch our resources a little further being ‘thrifty’ with our money is just plain being smart. When it comes to planning a wedding, a one time event where you want to make an impact for that day there is no reason why cheap wedding decoration ideas can’t be incorporated into the day and make it as spectacular as you always dreamed it would be. The most practical way to go about this is to make items like wedding favors into part of your package of decorations so they serve two purposes. A small, but attractive candle doesn’t seem like it would make any impact however with eight or ten of them circling a centerpiece at a table they offer a lovely visual impact.
Get creative with the simple and inexpensive things. Another idea is using the place card holders as favors as well. They can be small picture frames that would look lovely on someone’s desk or often they are clips or wires that can hold notes, lists, business cards or a recipe card holder in the kitchen. Favors don’t have to cost a lot, just a couple dollars will give you something interesting. The best part of all is that they will add some flare to your color scheme or theme. Cheap wedding decoration ideas don’t mean they are tacky or ugly, what they mean is that you were smart with your budget!

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