Creating and Living Within Your Wedding Budget

Every girl dreams of a Cinderella wedding in which, clad in a beautiful gown, she is swept into the arms of her Prince Charming and her happily ever after. This was the scene in April, 2011 when Prince William wed his Princess bride, and the pageantry was amazing. If you’re planning to get married, though, chances are that you don’t quite have the budget it would require to have such lavish nuptials. Instead, you need to make a wedding budget and stick to it. After all, there is tons of beautiful merchandise just tempting you to buy it, but you don’t want to start married life being deep in debt with wedding bills. So how should you go about setting up your budget?
You must first come up with the amount you can afford to spend. Then, within that framework, you may have to work creatively in order not to overspend. Divide your budget sheet into the things you know you have to have. You can have columns where you can keep track of expenses for bridal and bridesmaid attire, tuxes for the groom and groomsmen, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception venues, the cake, and so on. Then you’ll need to figure out ways to make your needs fit into the budget layout.
Making things yourself can save you a bundle of money. You can even make your own wedding invitations and save the price of expensive, engraved ones. In addition, you can do things like buying a bolt of tulle and ribbon and covering little bottles of bubbles yourself instead of buying those that are already decorated. Leftover tulle can be turned into pew bows if you like. If you’ve planned ahead the way you should have, you’ll have months to get ready for your wedding, so there will be plenty of time to do some of the work yourself.
Obviously not every bride can get married in a beautiful venue like Westminster Abbey, but there are tasteful ways to decorate the venue you are using to make it look more festive. Don’t get carried away when it comes to flowers. You can do a lot with just a few. If you know someone who knows how to arrange flowers, you can even save a lot more. Flowers are expensive! Do you need the huge bouquet, or would a smaller one do you just as well? And don’t even think about using flowers at your reception venue. Use balloon arrangements instead which will cost a whole lot less.
Look at your budget outline and think about ways you can save money without skimping on your wedding. You can still have a fantastic wedding without breaking the bank.

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