DIY Wedding Centerpieces – The Personal Touch For Your Wedding Decoration

So how do you find the perfect DIY centerpiece? First of all you have to determine the style of your wedding decoration: is it modern? Elegant? Minimalistic? Exuberant? What are your wedding colours? An easy way to get yourself inspired is browsing sites like The Knot or bridal magazines, see what you like and then adapt the style. Try to think outside the box, visit your local dollar store and see what they have got that could work for you. Here are some ideas:
For a spring wedding get simple rectangular or square glass bowls (or any similar container with a colour that pairs well with fresh green), fill them with soil from a garden-store and sow wheat grass or something similar. Once it has grown, you have a wonderful base for any kind of spring decoration: single flowers in bright colors, eggs, little toy animals… The possibilities are endless!
For a beach wedding get clear glass bowls, fill with sand or pebbles, add sea shells from a dollar store (or your last beach holiday) and add a big pillar candle as a center. Compliment with smaller candles in clear glass candle holders (you can get very inexpensive ones at Amazon or at dollar stores).
For an oriental type of decoration spray-paint plain branches in white or bright red. Fold some origami birds and add. Compliment with matching paper lanterns and use the wedding favors (chop sticks, fans, Chinese style little money pouches) as part of the decoration.
For a fall wedding use what nature has to offer: pumpkins in different sizes (you can get baby sized ones at the farmers market or in garden centers), sunflowers, leaves in bright colors (use artificial ones if you don´t feel like hiking through the woods the day before your wedding).
If you have your heart set on floral center pieces but don’t want the hassle of nursing fresh flowers up to the day of your wedding go for artificial ones. They are easier to manage and your can prepare them well in advance. If you decide on fresh flowers, enlist the help of friends and get them in bulk for wholesale prices or at a farmers market.
You see there is a plethora of possibilities when it comes to designing your diy wedding centerpieces. Just start well ahead of time to gather ideas and to get supplies.

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