Fantasy Weddings – Legal and Binding Marriages of Every Kind

Fantasy Weddings – Legal and Binding Marriages of Every Kind

In the drive to have a meaningful marriage ceremony, some couples are turning to fantasy elements that have been very important to them. Sometimes the fantasy setting or element is what drew the couple together in the first place, so it makes sense that they’d like to include such elements in their wedding ceremony.

The Legal Hurdles

First and foremost, a Marriage Celebrant must ensure that the marriage is legal. That means that there must be inclusion of the minimum legal wording.

That doesn’t mean it cannot be dressed up or surrounded by other elements that give the fantasy element its unique texture.

A first-class Marriage Celebrant should be able to combine the legal wording with wording that surrounds the bridal party and guests into the fantasy setting desired. This can include anything from Star Trek or Babylon 5 to a Vampire wedding, a mediaeval wedding, an Ancient Roman wedding or a Dr Who wedding.

What To Avoid

It’s important for the bridal couple to leave the wording of the vows up to the Marriage Celebrant in this case. They can have input into the type of wording used in their fantasy setting, and the Celebrant will certainly research the fantasy setting to gain insight into the appropriate wording – but this must not supersede what’s legally required.

It can be tricky trying to combine both what’s legally required and what would be said in the fantasy world; that’s why it is the responsibility of the Marriage Celebrant to work out how best to achieve this melding.

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No Holds Barred?

But as long as the vows and the minimum legal wording are properly included, there’s nothing else that can’t be added to give as authentic a fantasy element to the wedding as possible.

The Marriage Celebrant should have no problem in participating in appropriate costume and with the appropriate bearing; the guests can wear appropriate costume as well; ritual elements can be included (an example would be Klingon wedding elements from the Star Trek universe) and fantasy language included; the bride can ride up on horseback (or on “unicorn” if the obliging horse has a single horn attached to its forehead!); music for the ceremony can be drawn from the fantasy setting; the venue can be dressed up to reflect the fantasy world; and so on.

There is no reason why a wedding ceremony designed with fantasy elements included should not be as realistically and superbly conducted – with as much love and commitment and emotional meaning – as a traditional white-gown and morning suit wedding. The Marriage Celebrant has a responsibility to help the bridal couple achieve their dream wedding, in whatever form that may be.