Find Unique Wedding Decorations

Your wedding should be as individual as you are. For some brides they want the traditional fairytale wedding with white bows, organza and silk dresses, and tiny mementos to pass onto their guests. For other brides, they want to create a wedding that is so individual than no one will ever be able to forget the experience of being there.
The best way to keep your wedding unique is to throw out the entire wedding “rules.” Surprise people. That may be the gown you choose to wear, or maybe you aren’t a girl who really likes to wear a dress, there are certainly dress suits that might suit you. Not a huge fan of white? Who says you have to wear white? If your favorite color is purple, find a dress you love and love to be in. This day is all about who you are and who you and your new spouse are going to be as a couple. Break the mold.
In terms of decor, you will want to steer clear of traditional wedding florists, or even forgo flowers all together. Check out craft fairs, home decorating stores and the like. Purchase items that you would want in your own home to serve as decorations at your wedding. Statues, vases, pottery. Once the wedding is over you can take them home and use them as happy reminders of your unique day.
Think about patterns rather than solids color schemes. Plaids, paisley, stripes. Think outside the box. Instead of the wedding march, walk down the aisle to your favorite song, maybe it is something your guests can sing along with!
What is it that makes you, you? Take that and infuse your wedding as though you touched every part of it. Your guests will not only find it unique, but incredibly personal as well.

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