How to Choose Wedding Color Schemes

One of the first decisions that a bride and groom make is the wedding color scheme for their big day. Although this is not usually a high priority decision for the man, it is in fact a decision that will guide the rest of the wedding, from the type of flowers to the design of the tables and the clothes that people wear.
How to Choose Wedding Color Schemes
The first thing that you should be aware of with any color scheme is that this is a rather large decision that should be made with care. Your bridesmaids will probably be wearing this color, so you should be fully aware of who they are and what they look like before you choose a color. Although it seems that every bride likes to put her bridesmaids in horrendous outfits, there should be a limit to your meanness.
There are some standard color schemes that will allow you to never go wrong. For instance, white and gold or white and silver allow everyone to look elegant. These metallic color schemes also take away the worry of you having to decide on a particular shade of a color for each and every item.
Multiple Colors
There is certainly no rule that says that wedding color schemes with multiple colors should be out of bounds. If you are having a springtime wedding, then you might want “Easter egg” colors, such as light pink, yellow, green, or blue. This can give a refreshing and casual look to a wedding.
However, if you are getting married in the summer or fall, those colors might look completely out of place. A winter wedding’s colors may be darker and richer, but you can certainly have greens and reds, purples and greens, or even browns in your wedding color schemes.
Decide Upon a Shade
Saying that your wedding will be “white and blue” doesn’t do anyone any favors. You need to decide on a particular shade of blue. A wedding planner or designer will show you the shades of blue that are the most popular and that will cause you the least amount of problems down the line. Generally speaking, when you choose a lighter color with a lighter shade, you will have fewer problems trying to match it.
What Are Other People Using?
One way to learn more about wedding color schemes is to look through bridal magazines or online. You will see that some colors go in and out of fashion while others are always in style. Light pinks and yellows are always popular, while the darker, bolder colors tend to come and go depending on the time of year.
It is important that you remember that your decision will likely affect the cost of your entire wedding, especially when it comes to flowers. So talk to a florist first to determine which color scheme is most affordable from a floral point of view and that should give you some guidance on what you should be choosing for the rest of your wedding.

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