How to Throw a Great Wedding on a Budget

Everyone knows that weddings can be very expensive events but you can easily cut the costs of your wedding by carefully planning out a few details. Considering that an average, full wedding and reception can cost between $10,000 and $20,000, it is easy to see why most couples these days are looking for clever ways to dramatically save money.
Wedding clothing is generally very expensive although they need not be. Instead of purchasing wedding gowns and tuxedos from exclusive wedding attire specialty shops, you should consider looking for them online. Today, there are many retailers on the web who specialize in wedding clothing and the prices are dramatically lower than what you would pay if you were to purchase them in a high-end shop. You can easily find a huge selection online and will be offered outstanding support and personal assistance to ensure that the clothing you choose fits correctly. Most of these online wedding attire retailers know the wedding business very well and will go out of their way to please you.
Wedding rings and bands are also one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Again, instead of heading to your local jewelry store to choose your rings, take a look at some online jewelers. You can literally save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by purchasing your wedding bands on the internet. There is no difference in quality nor any lack of selection when you shop online and you will be offered service that is second-to-none when shopping at an online jewelry store.
When it comes time to select the flowers for your wedding, be sure to select only those flowers that are in-season and readily available. Be sure to be up front with your florist and let him know your budget restrictions. When selecting wedding flowers for an altar, choose inexpensive flowers such as carnations or snowball mums as these flowers are only viewed from far away. Ask your florist to add a lot of greenery to the flower arrangements to cut back on costs and try to stick to just one or two kinds of flowers as well. You should also plan to use larger tables at the reception so that you will need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.
It is a great idea to hold your ceremony and the reception in one place as it will cut expenses dramatically and you can also save a lot of money by offering just beer, wine and one special cocktail at your reception instead of a full bar. Instead of hiring a full wedding band, look into hiring a DJ who will play the type of music that you request.
Weddings do not have to be expensive in order to be elaborate and successful. These are just a few suggestions that will help you to dramatically hold down your costs and eliminate away money-related stress when planning your big day.

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