Keeping Your Wedding Budget in Check

It is your day and you love seeing it written everywhere on gold foil paper. That is very understandable. Personalized wedding favors are nice too. But in a day where customization is very affordable some people get a little crazy and personalize everything. At some point it really starts to a look tacky and over done. Some people would customize the swans if the ASPCA would let them. The personalized favor boxes are elegant and a classic and just leave it at that, you don’t need monogrammed table cloths.
If you want to add a personal fair to your wedding, add a little bit of you, there are still plenty of ways to do it. Take your music, for example. If you are hiring a band you have already made a personal choice. You are saying that this type of music is me. Fewer and fewer people, however, use bands. They are really not a good use of funds. There is a certain variety of music you will want to hear and no band can do a great job covering every song you might want played. This is why the DJ is the way more people go. Here too you want to be a little careful. Make sure you get a good one. The DJ should know the songs that he will have to play (the first dance, the Father of the bride/bride dance) but also some of your favorite songs so he or she can get a feel for the mood he needs to set. In that way they are like chefs. You don’t play AC/DC for a 70 year old couple renewing their vows. Your DJ should be able to capture the mood you want. If you are on a very tight budget you might even have a friend mix you a CD with all the songs you want played. You really can’t get any more personal than that!
If you are on a budget you can still do a lot of customization so have no fear. Go ahead and have some real flowers but know what you are ordering and what they look like and even take a picture if they have an example on hand. Now head off to a silk flower wholesaler. They are the people that sell fake flowers to the florist. They have great prices if you find one that sells to the public. Use the real flowers in the most conspicuous places then use the fake flowers to fill in. Doing that you can really stretch your flower budget and still have it look outstanding.
Another great place to save money and end up with better results is with disposable cameras. The use of disposable cameras at receptions is common but hand a few out before the wedding. Have your photographer come and do the main photos but make a deal and send him home early, you’ll have 100’s of photos anyway. If you get the ones without the prepaid processing those camera get very inexpensive yet still take great pictures.
There are a lot of traps involved in planning a wedding. Some vendors will try to convince you that if you don’t get a particular item you must not be in love. That is silly. But make sure to have everything you need to have beautiful, classic wedding, just leave the swans alone.

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