Looking For Beach Wedding Decorations? Here Are Some Tips!

It almost seems a moot point to decorate a beach wedding! The deep blue of the water in contrast with the warm beige of the sand, stark white clouds, azure skies, a golden sun that will turn into a crimson sunset are really all the decoration you need. But this is a wedding and decorating is half the fun, so work with what the beach is offering.
Cake decorators are able make incredible cakes. If you find the right one, they could create a cake in the shape of a shell or a lighthouse. If you find a more traditional bakery, include some seashell designs. Since your wedding will be outdoors have shells work double duty. Not only will they provide as a decoration, but they can also weigh down table cloths, seating cards, and menus.
If you are having a wedding that will be including children have a special area with some sand toys to create sand castles or bottled sand designs. Even if children aren’t attending the wedding, your guests may take delight in creating their own keepsake in a bottle. Or give them some bath sea salts.
Choose exotic flowers for your tropical wedding. Rather than a bouquet leis can be worn, or a vibrant orange lily can be placed in your hair. A tropical wedding is vibrant, but there is also a relaxed feel to it-embrace that. If you are using a lighthouse as part of your backdrop, think about using navy and khaki as a color combination. It is classic, nautical, and will be a striking look at a beach site reception.
For a tented affair at the beach, drape the open areas with tulle or a gauze fabric. It will allow the salt air to refresh your guests create dramatic movement in the sea breeze. Adorn the tables with hurricane lamps-they are meant to be able to stand against the elements, so you can have romantic candlelight and not have to worry about the flame going out. A sprinkling of flower petals and seashells are enough to make a centerpiece worth talking about.

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