Now You Have Bought Your Wedding Rings, What’s Next to Do?

There is help at hand as there are companies out there that specialize in organising weddings. These companies are known as wedding planners or coordinators or even consultants.
These people have already done all the research for planning a wedding. They have contacted local wedding services in your area and have them all to file. Wedding organisers can steer you to the people who have experience and who best suit your needs. Whilst more costly than the do it yourself option they will save you a lot of time. If you have less than a year to organize your wedding, you may want to hire a planner because they will be able to help make all the arrangements in a short amount of time. This may be the best option if both the bride and groom have careers and don’t have a lot of time to plan their wedding.
Finding a wedding organisers is easily done by simply looking for one on the internet but there are various trade shows and wedding magazines in news agents to look through. Recommendations often come from your friends and family members who may have heard of or used an excellent wedding planner themselves. Once you find a few wedding planners you like, make sure you meet up first before signing up for a contract with them. Ask for references from past clients and customers they have worked for. Make sure they have had experience planning weddings similar to your own. At this stage you need to clarify your requirements clearly, so that there is no possibility of confusion. The wedding organisers should not take over your wedding, but help you create your ideal wedding. Before you commit to a wedding planner, find out if they are paid a flat rate, by the hour, or by a percentage of the total wedding cost. It is more affordable if the wedding organiser is paid by the hour or a flat rate. If they are paid a percentage of the total wedding cost, they may want you to have a more expensive wedding because that means they will get paid more money. Some reception halls offer their wedding planners for free. But reception halls usually only have one planner working for them, leaving you with no choice if you dislike him/her.
The wedding planner is there to help you and make suggestions. They can help with the design and theme of the wedding, answer etiquette questions, and help book a florist, caterer, and reception site. They are a liaison between you and your vendors. Wedding organisers also know where to find the deals. Sometimes hotels use their restaurant for catering, and this may be a cheaper option than booking another similar hotel and caterer.

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