Planning a Wedding on a Budget – HELP!

You have dreamed about this day your whole life but how do you plan a wedding on a budget”. Weddings are so special and you want to do everything you can to make it just perfect. Unfortunately, many of us do not have a money tree in our backyard and we need to save and watch our budget closely. We start shopping around and look at beautiful wedding decor, dresses, flowers and venues. You start to add up the cost, sit back and then it hits you. OMG….. never thought a wedding could cost this much.
Everything is very expensive but you can still have an elegant wedding on a budget. You need a little help from others, a good imagination and time to do a few things yourself. Let’s look at some ways to help:
Make your own centerpieces
Choose an inexpensive wedding invitation – remember the first thing the guest does is throw it in the garbage
Forgo the wedding cake or rent a fake one
Limit your photographer hours to help bring down the cost
Decide not to go with flowers for the wedding reception as they can be very costly
If you really want flowers then put them on every other guest table
Don’t give out a favour to your guest (many times the guest leave them behind anyways)
Make up your own table menu cards and numbers or see if the venue or decorator will provide this service for you complimentary
Book a Sunday as many vendors may offer you a discount for that day
Don’t serve appetizers or champagne
Instead of hiring a d.j. bring in an iPod for dancing
Candles are very inexpensive, use a lot of them to add ambiance to the room
Do you really need a limo or can you just borrow a nicer car from a family member
Find a wedding dress in a vintage store or in a newspaper ad as many brides are selling a dress they have never even worn
Choose a venue that requires little decor especially if your wedding is around the Christmas Holidays
These are just some ideas. I have done many weddings on a very limited budget and they turn out beautifully. We get so caught up in the “fantasy wedding” and wish we can be like celebrities but in reality, a wedding is about love for each other and sharing it with your closest family and friends.

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