Throwing Your Own Royal Wedding: Make It Happen With These Wedding Decoration Ideas

The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton has captured the imaginations of soon-to-be brides all across the globe and has instigated the urgent pursuit for the next grandest wedding of the year. These childhood dreams of princess dresses and fairytale weddings to Prince Charming have been reignited and can even come true with a couple simple tips to vamp up your special day to royal heights.
Theme and D?�cor
Creating a majestic feel for your wedding day requires that extra spark in all aspects of the wedding. Attention to theme and d?�cor is crucial to completing your very own royal wedding and can be achieved with just the right decoration selections. Find a symbol or design that is unique to your princess fairytale, whether it be an extravagant crown insignia or a traditional double heart emblem, and use it as a reoccurring motif on your wedding invitations and wedding favors. Add a touch of sparkle to your decorations by incorporating rhinestone or crystal d?�cor to your guests’ gift bags or champagne flutes, but make sure not to overdo the shine as to maintain a classy elegance. This will help tie in a central theme of grace and royalty throughout your wedding to ensure that even your guests receive the royal treatment.
The Dress
The obvious statement when it comes to picking a dress for any wedding is ‘dress to impress.’ But that means for a royal wedding like yours, the dress must do more than just impress – it should stun, dazzle, and make Prince Charming fall in love all over again. A dress at this aptitude calls for great volumes: think rich layers or a flowing train and a bodice embellished with gems or delicate lace. Look for dresses with a mix of both luxurious and soft fabrics, and top the ensemble off with a darling tiara to complete your royal look.
The Cake
The cake acts as a majestic centerpiece and is often the grandest attraction at the reception – other than the bride herself of course. A tall, multi-tiered cake enveloped in pristine white royal icing is a definite fairytale essential, but adorn the layers with subtle silver or gold lace-inspired decorations and the cake will be a sure-showstopper. And no wedding cake is complete without original wedding cake toppers, which range from classic (and not so classic) bride and groom figurines to intricate theme-specific ornaments. Find one that is distinct to your royal taste and be mindful not to distract from the cake with an overly complicated decoration.
It’s not every day that you can don a diamond-encrusted tiara with dignity or live out your princess fairytale, so make your special day a royal one – with the right details and surprises, your majestic wedding will continue to be the talk of the town long after you and your very own prince have jetted off to your royal honeymoon.

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