Two Most Important Steps to Planning a Wedding

What do you need to know to plan a wedding? Knowing what to do first will take a lot of stress away because it takes out the shock and surprise of not knowing what planning a wedding entails. First you need a budget. Knowing how much you can roughly spend will determine what type of wedding you can have. Do you want a huge wedding?, a wedding at the beach?, a back yard wedding?, a destination wedding?, a big hotel ballroom wedding? The average wedding costs around $15,000; how much will that get you in terms of everything you want in your wedding?
Even if you plan on using a wedding planner, the planner would still need to know how much you can spend on the wedding. It is still good to know everything you need to though so you will know what to do next though. Whether it is personal preference or just a necessity, it is a start to see what you can afford. If you have a very low budget- a city hall wedding may be all you can do, or if you have several thousand to work with, then you can do a simple back yard or church wedding, or if you have tens of thousands of dollars (which you will need for this type of wedding), then you can book a ballroom or another popular wedding venue, you can hire caterers, DJ’, photographers, videographers, a florist, musicians, etc. Plus you can have a beautiful wedding gown,a wedding party, a reception, a great cake, etc.
So the two most important things to know when starting your wedding planning is: 1. A budget – (how much can you afford to spend for your big day. 2. Time – It is just as important as your budget because even if you have an unlimited budget, you will need the time to find what you want, and time to book or reserve the people and place you want. Some places or people will ask you to book/reserve one year in advance.
Keep in mind that if you are having a fabulous wedding in a great place and you want to have the best people, time is of the essence for getting everything you want on the day you want it or you may have to make some adjustments to your schedule.
Happy planning and have a great, wonderful wedding! Hope this starts you off with less stress, knowing what to start with!

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