Wedding Decoration – Get Your Inspiration

If you are starting to plan your wedding decoration, think even about the smallest detail.
You should decide which colors will be used, then you can try various combination’s, funny or romantic, classical, modern or games of color that create a dynamic atmosphere, full of energy.
We offer you some unique wedding decoration ideas for your most important event in your life!
If you want your wedding to have an Asian theme, you must know that the most popular choices for the color palette of an Asian-style wedding are red and black with accents of gold and pink or green and gold.
Red and black are suitable for a formal wedding, while shades of pink and green suit both casual and formal weddings. For a wedding with red and black, opt for red chrysanthemums and small pots with bamboo.
Most couples decided to choose butterflies for their wedding decoration. Such a wedding theme can be designed in different styles (traditional, formal, informal, and casual).
Butterflies can be used to create unique floral arrangements; you can choose them for the bride’s bouquet or put them on the wedding cake.
Objects in the shape of butterflies can be found in flower shops and in decorations or accessories shops for women.
If you want the wedding to have a contemporary note, add some butterflies made of marabou feathers. A saving idea is, choose butterflies made of textile material or paper.
Polka dots help you to create a vintage look. Use dots of different sizes to create focal points and try to opt for a single color.
Small squares are suitable for rustic weddings, being used in combinations of red and white. The place will seem brighter if you choose white and yellow squares.
If the wedding theme is inspired from the sea or beach, choose a model with blue and white squares.
There’s nothing more beautiful to a wedding than to have plenty of flowers. To decorate the tables, you can place petals and floating candles in transparent bowls.
If the wedding location has a terrace, you could spread flower petals on the ground or create a path of flowers. Also, dried flower petals are a good idea for decorating the wedding cake or to create eco wedding invitations.
Medieval style wedding can represent a statement of style and independence of the future bride and groom.
Wedding invitations must be made of old-looking paper and sent in envelopes sealed with wax. Chandeliers, marble and candles are distinctive elements of this style.
The best option is to use following colors: red, blue, black, green, purple and two types of silver and gold metallic colors.

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