11 Haute Tips For The Stlyish Bride

Haute Tip #1 – Think BIG and Forget You Have A Budget…
Just for one minute, pretend that you have access to an unlimited number of funds to pay for your dream wedding. Now grab a pen and start listing out all of the things you want for your wedding if money was no object.
What are some of the things you want? A grand entrance, an open bar, a live band, a beach ceremony, lighting, dancing under the stars… whatever it may be. Write it down and remember there is no budget!
Next, look your list over. Chose a handful of things that are important to both you and your groom (a great way to get him involved). Does he agree or disagree? Does he have a few items that he wants to add to the list? Now start budgeting for these extras. Put money into the things you really want for your wedding.
Haute Tip #2 = Embrace Your Inner Theme Queen
The “theme” is the entire foundation of your event. It guides how you make all of your other decisions, because everything needs to fit within your chosen “theme”. Think of your theme as something that is reoccurring, stays consistent and will get your guests talking. Themes can be based on what you both like, things from your culture, from art, nature, history etc. Themes can be as subtle or as wild and out there as you want.
For example, if you’ve chosen to have a wedding with a Caribbean flavour you probably wouldn’t want a string quartet playing as you walk down the aisle. But how great would a steel drum band be during cocktail hour. Or a bouquet of colourful tropical flowers as opposed to the traditional white roses. See how these elements fit the theme better?
Now, take some time to brainstorm some themes for your wedding. What inspires you? What hobbies do you share? Are there any traditions you want to incorporate?
Look these details over… does something really stand out to you? If so, you’ve found your theme! Remember once you have decided on a theme, you need to carry that theme throughout the rest of your wedding details.
Haute Tip #3 – Invest In Decor & Design
Wedding decor and design is so important! And shouldn’t be left to just anyone to do and I’ll tell you why…
• Decor is how your guests get a glimpse into your vision and style.
• It conveys a message to them about the quality and creativity that you’ve put into your event.
• Your design is a combination of colour, lines, textures, shapes, proportion and scale… to do it right all of the elements (lighting, linens, flowers, stationery, favours and rentals) need to be coordinated and designed together so it flows properly.
• Decor sets the mood for your wedding, it creates an atmosphere, the ambiance your guests will enjoy and acts as a great conversation piece.
• It creates that WOW factor when you and your guests walk in.
Haute Tip #4 – Think Outside Of The Box
Don’t feel trapped if you want to venture out into the unusual. Some of the most memorable weddings occur because the couple threw tradition out the window. Do you have a great idea for your wedding, but your parents are trying to talk you out of it? They say it’s not “traditional”. Well tell them you don’t have to be “traditional” (unless you want to be). Tell them that weddings of today are not required to be “traditional”, they are meant to be personal. Nothing about your wedding needs to fit a “traditional” mold, the only thing that has to stay the same is a marriage license and an officiant who is legally able to marry the two of you. Beyond that everything you chose to do can be as wild, unique, personal and yes even traditional as you like. Now if you want to incorporate a traditional element important to your family, then go for it, but do it for the two of YOU and not because someone is pushing it on you.
Here’s two ideas to break-out of the traditional dinner/dance reception by…
• Having an early morning ceremony and then a breakfast reception (seriously, who doesn’t love breakfast?
• Having a cocktail reception, have servers go around with hors d’oeuvres or have a few different food stations set up, perhaps a pianist playing some jazz music in the background.
Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Haute Tip #5 – Personalize Your Wedding
Who’s wedding is it anyway? Personalizing your wedding simply means incorporating the two of you into your wedding day details. For instance… do you like to travel? Why not name your tables after places you’ve been too instead of having table numbers. Are you environmentally conscious, then consider having a green wedding. Take a moment to brainstorm things about the two of you to include in your wedding to make it uniquely yours.
Remember, the day is all about the two of YOU, so it only makes sense to incorporate you into elements of your wedding day. Your guests will appreciate it and say things like… “this is so THEM.” You and your guests will NEVER forget your wedding day because of the well sentimentality and the well thought out details. So make the day your own and don’t let other people add details into your wedding that you don’t luck. This can be hard if your not footing the bill, but stick to your guns. Consider using a wedding planner who can be the “bad guy” and say no to well-meaning parents to take the pressure off of you.
Haute Tip #6 – Add a splash of colour to liven things up!
Colour is a beautiful expression of a theme and another way to personalize your wedding. Maybe you want to select colours that inspire you, your favourite colour, or even trendy colours for the season. There is such a variety of colours, hues, shades, tints and tones as well as combinations like monochromatic, complimentary etc that can add to the overall mood to your special day. When choosing colours for your wedding I always recommend to select one “main” colour (usually your bridesmaids dress colour) and two-three accent colours.
Haute Tip #7 = Book Unique Venues
Where Have You Always Dreamed Of Saying “I Do”? Couples hire me because I know where all the cool, unique wedding venues are that may not have websites (heaven forbid) or be as well marketed as other large banquet halls. If you are still looking to book a venue here are a few reasons why it should be something unique…
• Your venue can be reflective of your theme and personality
• Find something that isn’t where your BFF or sister had her wedding
• A distinct location will add to the experience your guests receive
• Your photos will look better as your photographer has some great locations to work with
Take some time to write down a few unique venues you want to check out. Get as creative as you would like, even if you don’t know they host weddings. Then do some legwork and find a place that reflects your personality.
Haute Tip #8- Consider A Destination Wedding
Do you love traveling? Have you always imagined saying ‘I Do” on a beach at sunset? Do you want a small intimate wedding? Don’t have a big wedding budget? Do you want to take your guests on an adventure they will always cherish? Does the thought of a big wedding make you feel physically ill? Well then a destination wedding may be for you.
If you have a destination wedding, it’s a great idea to coordinate an itinerary for your guests. You can offer them group activities like Jamaican bobsledding, zip lining through the Mayan ruins, shopping or tours. But also schedule some “alone time” where guests and you and your hubby can go out and do things separately from the group.
Haute Tip #9 – Say Yes To The Dress
The RIGHT dress that is…Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s perfectly okay, you don’t need to be a size 0 to be a beautiful bride on your wedding day. You do however want to find something that flatters your body size and shape. Just because it looks pretty in a bridal magazine or because its designer, doesn’t mean it’s going to suit your figure.
Make sure you use the help from the bridal gown consultants, they are generally the expert in these matters. Make sure you get them to find you dresses that fit your body type. Keep an open mind on dresses you may never have thought would look good on you. And don’t settle for any old dress… if it’s not bringing tears of joy to your eyes, you probably have not have found the right dress yet. And remember it’s not what the dress looks like it’s how YOU look and feel in the dress.
And just as important as the dress… accessories!!!
Haute Tip #10 – Tickle Your Senses
While planning your wedding you want to think about involving the 5 senses into your planning. We use our 5 senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell) to experience the world around us. So pay attention to the senses and give your guests an experience to remember.
Time for more brainstorming. How will you tickle your guests senses?
1. Sight: Anything your guests can experience visually… such as colour, lighting, their surroundings….
2. Sound: Anything your guests will hear… such as nature sounds in an outdoor wedding, music that’s played…
3. Taste: Anything your guests are going to taste… yummy foods and delectable desserts…
4. Touch: Anything your guests will interact with that’s in your party via touch… such as letterpress invitations, fabric and linens, finger foods…
5. Smell: Anything your guests can smell, flowers, food, candles, etc.
Haute Tip #11 – Hire A Wedding Designer
Working with a wedding designed will help you incorporate all of the above tips and more and make your wedding day truly the day of your dreams.
For more tips and to get started on planning the wedding day of your dreams, visit my website, .

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