4 Limiting Beliefs That Might Be Stopping You From Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

Can you finish this sentence?” I can’t become a top wedding planner right now because…”
If you finished the sentence, you might be allowing a limiting belief to stop you from having your dream life of being a top wedding planner.
People often tell me they want to become a wedding planner then give excuses why they have not yet pursued their dream. It seems to me that they have beliefs that stop them from taking action.
Here are 4 limiting beliefs along with the truth about each of them:
1) “I want to start a wedding planning business but I’m only familiar with the weddings in my culture…”
The woman who told me this felt that she needed to be able to do any kind of wedding a bride or groom wanted. I told her with her knowledge of her culture, she had the perfect niche. She could be very successful since there was a large population who wanted her services in her area and she had already been planning their weddings for free. I told her to set up her business and start charging.
2) “I don’t have the money to take an online wedding planner course…”
You don’t have to have a certificate or certification from an online school or any school. Take classes in event planning, hospitality, catering, floral design, interior design and business at a local college to learn basics.
Then get some experience. Experience is as important, if not more so, than getting a document. Go out and plan weddings and other events for family members, friends, people in your place of worship, charities and at work. Volunteer to work for a wedding and event planner for free or for low pay as an intern. Even celebrity wedding and event planners have worked for free at some point to get the experience they needed to be able to start their successful businesses.
3) “I’d do it if I didn’t have this job that I need…”
You don’t have to quit you current job, you can start doing it part time, as long as you can give the bride and groom the attention they need to create the wedding they want.
4) “I’m too old…”
You don’t need to be young. Wedding planners need to be energetic and willing to work hard but that doesn’t mean you have to be young. I know a couple of women who started their wedding planning businesses after they became grandmothers and were very successful.
Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from pursuing your passion of becoming a top wedding planner.

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