5 Mistakes New Wedding Planners Make on Their Websites and Blogs and How to Avoid Them

Websites and blogs are great marketing tools for wedding planners but many sites inadvertently drive brides away, never to return again.
Here are five mistakes many wedding planners make with their sites and what you can do to avoid them:
Mistake #1: Their sites open with photo montages and music
Moving and changing photographs of happy couples, flowers, or any other wedding visions take a long time to load onto the screen and some people find them annoying. You can have a Skip button so people can go right into your site but why not just send them there in the first place? Place your photos on the pages of your website where they properly illustrate your text.
Remember that many brides use the Internet when they are at work. If the Wedding March is playing when they open your site, they will close it immediately so they won’t get caught by their bosses and co-workers. Don’t drive them away with music. Once they leave, they won’t return.
Mistake #2: They use fancy or small fonts
Elaborate, cursive fonts are best left to printed wedding invitations. Select fonts that are simple and easy-to-read on a computer screen such as Georgia or Verdana.
Mistake #3: They use light-colored copy on a dark background
Bright pink words written on an orange background, blue on green, and white on black, these are color combinations I have seen wedding planners use on their websites and blogs. They looked attractive but can be difficult to read after a few paragraphs. You can use fun and fashionable color combinations in your text, just do it sparingly.
Mistake #4: They don’t proofread
As a wedding planner, you’re expected to be detail-oriented and thorough. Brides who visit your website or blog won’t believe it if your written copy has spelling and grammatical errors. I know from personal experience that it’s difficult to find errors in material that you’ve written yourself. It’s best to have an editor or friend review your writing before you post it on your site.
Mistake #5: Their copy is a long list of features without benefits
When you talk about the wedding services and packages you offer, remember that people buy benefits, not features. They want to know what is in it for them. You need to explain why they would want a particular service or package. Will it relieve their stress? Will it help them save money? Will it give them more time to do other things? Let brides know how your services can benefit them.

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