Become a Top Wedding Planner – 5 Tips for Appearing Confident When Meeting With Brides

You have the best chance of getting hired to plan a wedding when you appear confident when you meet with the bride. If you appear nervous and insecure, she will think you don’t know what you are doing.
Here are 5 tips for appearing confident:
1) Prepare for the meeting
Anticipate the questions a bride will ask you, such as the experience you have had planning weddings, your work style and your rates. Rehearse your answers so you know what to say and bring your portfolio so she can actually see what you have done. Also, plan what you need to ask her in order to find out if she is the right client for you and to write a proposal.
2) Plan ahead and arrive early
Nothing can shake your confidence more than arriving late to meet a potential client. Make sure you know how to get to the meeting location and plan to get there early so you can catch your breath before the meeting.
3) Make and maintain eye contact
Give a firm handshake and make eye contact when you meet, and maintain eye contact during the conversation. If you don’t look at the bride when she speaks, you appear disinterested and rude. If you don’t look at her when you speak, you appear unsure of yourself and not like someone who can take charge of a wedding day.
4) Watch your body language
Crossed arms and legs are often considered a sign of being closed to the person and information presented. Sit up straight and make sure your body language conveys to the bride your interest in her and her wedding. Also, don’t fidget, doodle, play with pens, look at your watch or cell phone or other objects during a meeting, it is distracting and it makes you appear nervous and impatient.
5) Speak clearly
If you speak rapidly or mumble, you give the impression of being nervous and unsure of yourself.
Brides are looking for professional wedding planners who can plan and coordinate their weddings, have the confidence to manage the other wedding vendors and take good care of them on their wedding day. Make sure you convey to brides that you are who they want.

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