Become a Top Wedding Planner – 6 Ways to Handle the Technical Frustration With Your Online Marketing

When you started your wedding planning business, did you think you would be spending all of your time planning weddings? You probably did not realize the amount of time you need to spend learning how to update your website, maintain your blog and properly setup your social networking sites.
Here are 6 suggestions for handling technology:
1) Hire a web team who can to do it all for you
You can hire someone to create, design and maintain your website and blog and set up your social networking sites. I have done this in the past however, I have found that it put me at the mercy of their time and cost me a lot of money. You can hire a professional to do the initial design but if you are able to do even a few updates yourself while you are running your wedding planning business, you will have better control of your online presence.
2) Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)
As far as work on the Internet goes, you do not need to have a person help you on-site. There are Virtual Assistants who not only do administrative work but can also update websites, blogs and social networking sites with the information you give to them. Thoroughly interview anyone you hire to be sure they have the skills you are looking for and be clear about what you expect them to do and when you expect them to get the work done.
3) Find a responsible student to help you
A responsible teenager in high school or community college who knows what they are doing may be of great help to you on an “as needed” basis. Call schools and ask if they have computer or Internet groups, then go down and tell them what you need. Be very specific so you get the help you want.
4) Take offline or online classes
It is worth the investment in time and money to take a class, either in local community colleges, adult education school, or online, through teleseminars and webinars, to learn some basic skills. Even if you decide you will not do any of the work yourself, you will at least know how much or little effort is involved and pay a fair price for the work that you hire out.
5) Check search engines and video sites for answers to your problems
If you need immediate help, put a question into Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines or YouTube and other video sites and you can usually find answers to your problems. The bonus with checking video sites is that you will be able to see exactly what you need to do.
6) Ask for help on Twitter
This is good if you have a short, simple question. I have seen people tweet questions and get fast assistance from people who are following them.
Do not let yourself get so frustrated that you do not keep up your Internet presence. Hire help when you need it. Brides and grooms spend a lot of time looking for information online so your website, blog and social networking sites must work well and have current information.

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