Bridal Shower Decoration Favors

Your bridal shower is such an emotional event because you are gathered with all your closest friends and family to celebrate the vows you soon will be taking. Since there is so much that goes into the shower, many bridesmaids need some help putting it all together. One aspect where this is true is in the bridal shower decoration favors. Many times the favors are forgotten at this event. To make sure they are not forgotten at your shower, here are some ideas on what type of keepsake would be best for your shower.
When your bridesmaids give out shower favors to your guests, it is a great way for your guests to remember the wonderful time they had. It also is the perfect way to show your thanks and gratitude for them going to show their support for you and your upcoming wedding. Giving favors at showers is not necessarily a new thing, but it is becoming more of a trend. Since all women will be at your shower, you can have more freedom for choosing woman-related gifts. For example, a really popular favor is a compact mirror. There are so many different designs and styles that you most likely will find one that matches your wedding decor.
Another one of the popular bridal shower decoration favors are scented bath soaps. Every woman loves to be pampered and get a little time to herself in the bathroom, so why not encourage your guests to do just that with your keepsake? Sticking with the pampering theme, you could consider giving personalized lip balm as bridal shower gifts. One of the newest gifts to pop on the scene is a handbag holder. These are great because they come in stainless steel, so they always will go with your guests’ outfits, regardless of where they are out.
Your bridal shower decoration favors do not all have to be practical gifts. They can include little candy or mint containers with love all over the outside. Decorative candles also are great as favors because women never seem to have enough candles. If your bridesmaids seem to be having trouble selecting the perfect favors for your shower, just give them these ideas and they are sure to find one they love. The best part is that your guests will love the favors as well.

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