Decorating for Special Occasions

For a house-proud woman, nothing is more exciting than decorating her home for special occasions. This is the time you can let your imagination run wild and have fun creating new themes and playing around with the stuff already present at home. Each occasion demands particular attention to make it extra-special and unforgettable.
Celebrations at home
When it comes to holding celebrations at home, you definitely want to put your best foot forward. Be it Halloween decorating or Christmas celebrations, a lot of thought goes into each detail to make it just perfect. Wedding decoration ideas are discussed to the last feature before it is finalized. Each event brings with it its own special nature of celebration.
Halloween decorating: if you’ve already decided to host a Halloween party, it would be a good idea to put a lot of effort and thought into the d?�cor to come up with the perfect ambience for a really scary party. The right effect can be created by using really dim lighting and highlighting the areas you’ve specially decorated. Candles can give a nice, spooky glow.
You can fill your house with smoke and fog created out of dry ice for Halloween decorating. Music must be apt and chosen to give the right effect. You can put speakers outside the house to have the sounds in the driveway.
You can also try spreading fake cobwebs and spiders all over to give a haunted look to your house. To take your Halloween decorating a step further, white sheets can be spread over some furniture in a corner to give your house a deserted look. Make use of Halloween colours i.e. black and orange. Purple, green and red can also be used to add pizzazz. And of course, pumpkins and scarecrows must be around to add to the feeling.
Wedding D?�cor:
Wedding decoration ideas can range from conservative to very contemporary. It is the most important day for the bride and the groom and requires careful planning and a lot of thought. The memories are going to last forever, so it’s a good idea to take their opinion before you decide on the theme. You can do much more than just flowers and a lavish cake. Wedding decoration ideas would require just a little originality and imagination to make it a memorable day for the couple.
The most important part of wedding decoration ideas is deciding the correct use of colors. Flowers can be extensively but in a very tasteful and creative way. While deciding the d?�cor the weather has to be taken care of. Summer weddings would need a breezy, airy ambience while for winter weddings; you can experiment with deep colours and fabrics. There can be a lot of wedding decoration ideas but you have to see what works for you.Lighting is another point of importance. Night weddings have a lot of scope for beautiful lighting which can create magic.

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