Designing Your Wedding Day Arbor

A wedding celebration is a celebration of love. Love and marriage are a beautiful part of life and a time of great joy. Your family and friends are anticipating receiving your wedding invitation and seeing your first kiss as a married couple. Allow the thrill and adventure of planning this great event to seep into your every pore. Determining how romantic a theme you desire is an important part of planning. Are you seeking to melt the hearts of your friends and family with an open display of heart felt love and romance?
An arbor is a great wedding decoration idea for romance and beauty. One simply romantic wedding day decoration idea is to purchase a wooden arbor that can be erected in less than one hour and that will be placed in your garden after the ceremony. Imagine placing a bench under the arbor in your yard and surrounding it with flowers. This could become a perfect spot for the newly weds to remember their vows of love and to hold each other tight as the years go by. Arbors come in a variety of styles and can be decorated with a variety of materials. An arbor is a wedding decoration idea that is versatile and useful. There are several types of arbors to choose from.
Arbors are designed in an arch, gothic, gable, or pergola style. The arch is probably the most traditional wedding choice with its rounded topped arbor. The gothic arbor is pointed on the top. The gable style arbor has a slanted triangular top, and the pergola has a square design. These styles each come in a variety of materials such as metal, wood and plastic. The prices of an arbor can vary depending on the artistry and workmanship of the arbor. Arbors can be rented or purchased.
Decorating an arbor can be done using a variety of creative ideas. An inexpensive plastic arbor can provide the shape for beautiful fresh cut flowers. Choose flowers to match the wedding party’s flowers or choose white to match the bride. Arbors that are made of wood can be decorated particularly around the base of the arbor. Potted flowers and plants can adorn the base of the arbor and flowers and even material can drape the arbor. A less expensive way to decorate an arbor is with artificial flowers. Artificial flowers often look real and can withstand hours of intense heat if the wedding will be held outdoors.
Arbors are a beautiful wedding day decoration idea. Choose an arbor that best fits the theme of your wedding: formal, casual, indoor or outdoor. Choose decorations for the arbor that will cause the arbor to be the highlight decoration. More than one arbor can be used. Romance is the theme of every wedding and arbors offer a beautiful way to express great love and romance.

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