How To Create The Best Looking Orchid Bouquets

How To Create The Best Looking Orchid Bouquets

A wedding can be a beautiful day with the presence of elegant flowers such as orchids for decoration. Without flowers, a wedding can feel incomplete and the romantic occasion can feel empty. Whether for table decor or a wedding bouquet, its really important that the flowers are chosen to match the day on hand. Orchids are wonderful for this.

A wedding bouquet is special as it compliments the brides outfit and wedding gown. It should also be able to suit the bride’s personality. You can be spoilt in the styles of wedding bouquets that are available to choose from. Looking at orchids, these flowers come in many varieties and they bless their looks with such beautiful colors.

For a traditional wedding white flowers are the most common for wedding bouquets. One way for a beautiful white wedding bouquet is to make the bouquet with a combination of two types of white orchids. You can use cymbidium orchids which come in a silky white and ladies slipper orchids. This shows off a classic bouquet for any modern day bride.

Cymbidium orchids also dazzle in purple, pink and pale green. They bloom with a very large flower head and have an attractive allure with their scents. Being more resilient that than other types of orchids, cymbidiums are perfect for summer weddings. One nice choice for a bouquet is having a bunch of small cymbidiums mixed with tiny lily of the valley. Not only are the greens a wonderful addition to the wedding bouquet but tying a small silver bow around the blooms can give an exquisite look.

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Phalaenopsis orchids are another beautiful orchid for weddings and display themselves with a gorgeous white or a striking purple. Vanda orchids are just as lovely but are not always chosen for weddings. Don’t let that stop you from experimenting with them though. Its hard to choose sometimes when you have so many exotic and exquisite orchids and colors to pick from.

For another bouquet try a combination of blooms from cattleya orchids with ranunculus, parrot tulips and millinery leaves. You can tie them together with a satin copper bow. For a uniquely vivid and elegant wedding bouquet, mix different varieties of orchids ranging in the same colors. Look at yellow cattleya orchids and lemon phalaenopsis orchids, lady slipper and vanda orchids. Again tie them up with a silver satin bow for a lovely finish.

Whatever you go with for your wedding you all these types of orchids and flowers make a gorgeous bouquet that every bride will love.