Justifying Video in the Wedding Budget

Girls In White Dresses Wedding Movies
Grammy shuffles slowly toward the bride’s room today. Her stroke has left her without the ability to read, and her speech is sometimes indiscernible. Finding the joy in life is harder now. But today, her Granddaughter is getting married. She’s wearing a new dress, and she’s never looked prettier. As she steps into the vision of her granddaughter’s sight, she gasps and, with the video tape rolling, she exclaims: “You’re beautiful!” She reaches out and pulls her little girl to her and with tears welling in her eyes; she kisses her cheek and whispers: “I love you so much. I know you’ll be as happy as Grandpa and I were”. These will be the words that the bride’s children, and all that come after will be able to hear long after she’s gone, because the importance of capturing moments like these, in sight and sound, were prioritized in the wedding’s budget.
This is my true testament. I have captured these tender expressions of love and joy many, many times.
When justifying the wedding video as a priority, it should also be considered that the music of the ceremony and reception are contemporary to the year in which it’s held. Couples are getting really creative with their “First Dance”. With the new social media tools like YouTube and Facebook, highlight clips can be posted and sent by e-mail to all who could not attend the wedding, and those who attended and want to share the fun. I’ve also had couples help me to produce their video invitations, a really great way to “go green”, and so inventive and fun for the recipients to watch. While we’re talking about the fun, don’t forget how many friends and family break out with wild moves on the dance floor.
We of this generation are privileged to have this fantastic technology, yet too many times it becomes the last priority in the budget, when in reality, it is a family’s heirloom that is priceless.
The next time decisions are being made for a bridal budget, remember that a family wedding video should hold a high priority in the list of “must haves” because it holds Grandparents’ spoken words of congratulations, records the couple’s voices exchanging their vows, and documents the joyful noise of the music and laughter of the day.

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