Marriage – The Best Ways to Help a Wedding on a Budget

Marriage – The Best Ways to Help a Wedding on a Budget

Finally, the time has come to plan the wedding of your dreams. You have written a list of items you will need to make the day a beautiful one. There is one simple problem though, your budget.

Finding the right items to suit your budget can be easy, but there’s a little catch, the one question you have probably asked yourself a lot. Will I be happy with my decision? It can be simple, starting with the wedding dress and accessories do you really need designer items? Seriously, you are paying 3 times more than what you would pay for non-designer items. For example, something as simple as a deb dress can be about $300 for a new one (not $3000) they are also identical to a wedding dress.

Now for people who don’t care what venue they use for their wedding, try outside, in a garden, on the beach etc. You don’t pay anything for. If you want to get married in a church or any paid venue, that’s fine too, pay for it! Food is a hard one, some people want a traditional sit down meal, if you don’t care what you do, try to organise finger foods where people can pick at what they want and migrate around and chat to people, you won’t have awful feelings of sitting people down next to each other who don’t like it.

Finally the honeymoon, probably the worst financial issue you will deal with at your wedding. There are plenty of romantic places you would be able to go that even do good deals, if that is an issue still why don’t you try and get your guests to all contribute a bit of money to you for the wedding present to pay for the honeymoon.

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There probably is a lot more issues to deal with, your best bet is to sit down with your partner and work out all of your options. You may just find the most beautiful budget wedding you have ever come across. Who needs money to be happy?