New Wedding Planners – Don’t Make These 3 Embarrassing Mistakes When You Meet a Bride

You need to give a good impression when you meet a potential client for the first time.
Here are 3 embarrassing mistakes you don’t want to make and what you should do instead:
Mistake #1 – You Arrive Late
You arrange to meet the bride at a potential wedding venue or other location; perhaps it’s even somewhere you have been or seen many times before. However with the stress of meeting a new client, it is easy to be distracted and get lost. You end up being late and making the bride wait for you as she worries about how reliable you will be on the day of her wedding.
What to do instead:
Leave in plenty of time and plan to arrive early. This way you can allow for problems with traffic, parking, and getting lost. You want to be calm, composed, and confident when you meet a bride for the first time, you won’t appear that way if you had to rush to get to the appointment or if you arrive late.
Mistake #2 – You Arrive Unprepared
A bride wants to know details about the services and packages you offer. She will have questions about your experience, will want to see photographs from other weddings you have planned and will want to see testimonials. If you speak in general terms about what you offer, struggle to come up with answers to her questions, and hand her an envelope of photographs, you won’t look very professional. The bride will wonder how experienced and organized you really are and if you are up to the challenge of planning her wedding.
What to do instead:
Bring a well-organized portfolio that includes photographs of weddings you have planned, samples of worksheets you have used for planning, and testimonials from past clients. Also, be prepared to share information about how your skills and creativity have helped other brides have the weddings of their dreams.
Mistake #3 – You Spend Most of the Meeting Talking About Yourself and the Features of Your Services
This can be easy to do. You’re so anxious to get a new client that you spend most of the time talking and describing all of the fabulous features of your services. However this will make the bride will feel like you are just another sales person. She is being contacted by many aggressive wedding vendors who want her money, if you appear to be one of them, she will get nervous and end the meeting as soon as possible.
What to do instead:
Focus on the bride. Ask her what her vision is for her wedding, what her budget is, and what she expects from a wedding planner. Listen to her. Then explain to her the benefits of the services and products that you offer that can make her wedding vision a reality.

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