Simple Homemade Wedding Decoration Tips For the DIY Bride – Easy Ways to Create Unique Centerpieces

Did you now that you can make your wedding truly unique by simply creating homemade centerpieces? If you want your wedding to be remembered by your guests, here are some homemade wedding decoration tips for creating elegant centerpieces.
Homemade Wedding Decoration Tip 1: Creating a Themed Centerpiece
It is important to consider the theme of your wedding when creating centerpieces. Themed centerpieces will make your wedding truly unique.
1. For garden weddings, you can make table centerpieces using traditional baskets. You can easily find small baskets in any special crafts store. Choose medium sized baskets for the guest tables and one large basket for the Head table.
Put something inside the baskets that will make them heavier. Then you have to line the baskets with Styrofoam. You can now arrange the flowers and other ornaments in your flower basket center centerpieces.
2. If you will have a beach wedding, creating homemade wedding decoration would be simpler. That’s because most beach weddings are very informal.
To create the centerpieces, you can buy replica sand castles or other replica objects associated with the sea. There are many inexpensive molds and replicas you can buy on specialty stores.
Place these sand castle replicas on top of each table and put small sea shells around them. You can buy thin plastic sea corrals and attach these on your centerpieces.
Homemade Wedding Decoration Tip 2: Creating Edible Centerpieces
Probably the most unique homemade wedding decoration you can make is an edible centerpiece. You need not limit yourself to flowers when creating centerpieces. You can use other materials for them such as fruits, candies and chocolates.
To create fruit based centerpieces, here are the steps you have to follow:
1. Buy ordinary bowls from supermarkets. Any shape or design will do as long as its size will be suitable for your wedding tables.
2. Attach small ribbons around the bowl or you can simple make a big ribbon and stick it at the side of the bowl.
3. You can now fill the bowl with different kinds of fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, or any other round fruit. Make sure that the bowl will look colorful so you will have to mix several fruit varieties in each bowl.
For candy based centerpieces, it is best if you can use candy canes or thin candy bars. Arrange the candies inside the bowl. You can also place some flowers inside the bowl to make it more enticing.
Homemade Wedding Decoration Tip 3: Using Scented Candles as Wedding Centerpieces
Scented candles are also best materials to create centerpieces for your wedding tables. You have to ensure though that the base of each centerpiece would be stable enough to avoid accidents. Here are the steps to create a candle centerpiece:
1. Buy small scented candles from the Internet or from any department store. Make sure that the scented candles have their own glass case.
2. You can use a larger transparent glass or a small fishbowl where you can place the scented candle inside. You can wrap the fishbowl with art paper. You can also use thin colored cardboard with stenciled design to jazz up the fishbowl.
The light emitted by the centerpieces will add romance to your wedding. This type of homemade wedding decoration is ideal for indoor weddings.
There are still lots of ideas you can think of when creating your own homemade wedding centerpieces. Any type of material can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece. You just have to use a lot of imagination and apply your creativity in order to make homemade wedding decorations.

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