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Planning A Wedding

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

If you are looking to have a fabulous, memorable time on your wedding day, you will avoid a lot of headaches if you engage the services of a planner. Wedding planners take the aggravation and hassles of creating a romantic, beautiful wedding by keeping a record of all of your …

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Become a Wedding Planner: What To Expect

To become a wedding planner means you have to learn how to bring excellence in what you do in order to find better opportunities from this profession. Among the benefits of being in this kind of profession include being able to work freelance, receiving a good pay and enjoying the …

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Wedding Accessories

Wedding Planner

So he finally proposed and you are over the moon. Not it’s time to think about the wedding. Once you have set the date, there is a person on whom you will totally rely: that person is not your fianc?�. It is your wedding-planner.
Let’s find out why you, as …

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Small Wedding Ideas

How to Become a Wedding Planner Successfully

Do you have a love for wedding and have many plans and ideas on how a perfect wedding should be like? Why not consider being a wedding planner? A wedding is a wonderful event and helping others to plan this wonderful event is a very meaningful job.
A wedding planner …