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Small Wedding Ideas

How to Become a Wedding Planner Successfully

Do you have a love for wedding and have many plans and ideas on how a perfect wedding should be like? Why not consider being a wedding planner? A wedding is a wonderful event and helping others to plan this wonderful event is a very meaningful job.
A wedding planner …

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Wedding Decoration

Ways to Spend the Least Amount On Your Wedding Cake

There is no way for you to have a wedding reception without a wedding cake. But, imagine paying at least $700 on a single cake. Surely, it is going to eat up a good chunk of your wedding budget. However, there are ways that will help you save. Follow some …

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Wedding Budget

Wedding Stress Relief

Invitations, cake decisions, caterers, budget planning, timelines, decorations… It can all get so overwhelming! It is not uncommon for wedding planning to take over your life & make the months leading up to the wedding feel extremely stressful.
Here are a few tips to help bring a little bit of …

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Wedding Accessories

Wedding Budget – 8 Easy Household Bills to Cut

Everyone knows paying for a wedding can be very expensive. So many couples are seeking ways to not only save the wedding budget, but also easy ways to save money on household bills. If you, like many of us, are looking for new tips for saving money you’ve come to …

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Wedding List

Smart Tips in Choosing the Best Wedding Decoration

A wedding party is the most prominent event for almost all people. It will be the most important thing in a marriage. Wedding decoration also becomes one significant thing that will be the center of public attention. Due to those facts, the choice of wedding decoration will take a big …