Things You Can Do to Keep Bad Weather From Ruining Your Big Day

Things You Can Do to Keep Bad Weather From Ruining Your Big Day

Anyone planning a wedding in the winter months should be very cautious of weather changes. Even wedding plans are often susceptible to delayed flights, terrible driving conditions, and bitterly cold winds.

It must be said that there is something picturesque and charming about a little church that is snow covered and filled with twinkling candles. It can almost seem like a fairy tale to walk down the aisle with family, and friends, looking on and a bride can get carried away with thoughts of perfection without once thinking about what can go wrong. But if some of your family and friends are stuck in the airport because of weather related delays or if your favorite uncle can’t make it through on ice-covered roads it suddenly becomes very important to try to prevent this scenario from happening.

There is a reason that most brides still prefer the months of May, June and the new favorite month, October. In addition to being months for plentiful and gorgeous flowers, the mild weather lends itself to outdoor pictures of the entire celebration and the weather in Ohio and Kentucky is pretty predictable during this time. Not many states can boast of the clear, mostly sunny days of May and June, not to mention the brilliant, changing colors of the leaves in early fall during the month of October. There is a real argument to be made that most people who have to travel would really prefer to do so when the scenery is so spectacular and good weather is almost guaranteed. Who wouldn’t enjoy a trip during this time?

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But back to the bride who has always dreamed of getting married in the winter time. Some girls even want a ceremony during the Christmas season and love the decorations of the season. You know what they always is “Her” day and she should go for it. There are just a few precautions that should be taken:

Book a suite of rooms at a nearby hotel for out-of-town guests. In cities where inclement weather is a certainty during the winter months, these rooms can fill up quickly and your guests will be out of luck trying to book a room.

Arrange for transportation to and from the hotel being used by your guests. In case of terrible weather no-one will have to worry about driving on treacherous roads in an unfamiliar city. This is also a nice gesture for getting guests home after a reception that goes on late into the night.

Provide concise, detailed instructions and be sure to include a map to the church and to the reception sites. While these are always appreciated, when the weather is bad they become a lifeline to a frustrated traveler. No one wants to spend any more time on the road than they have to when in an unknown city.

Ask a family member if you can print his or her telephone number on the map and/or driving instructions in case someone needs clarification during their journey. If a road happens to be closed or if severe weather comes up suddenly, a person who knows the area can guide travelers around potential problem areas.

When all of these ideas are followed the winter bride can be assured that the celebration of her dreams will come true without taking a chance that weather will ruin her big day with family and friends.

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