Tips for Picking a Wedding Photographer

One of the toughest decisions you can make is choosing a wedding photographer. You are putting the important task of capturing your special day in most cases, a stranger’s hands. There are no second takes of your wedding day so picking the right wedding photographer is and should be a very critical decision.
We lucked out with my wedding in that we had a friend who was friends with a wedding photographer. We had a chance to check out his website online and view his work before we contacted him. Both of us were impressed, his pricing was fantastic, and in the end he turned out to be a great choice. Unfortunately not everyone will have it so easy.
Where do you necessarily start if you don’t know anyone or have no referrals in your photographer search? Well before we got referred to our photographer we searched online like most people do. Unfortunately a lot of the first results you will see come from photographers and companies who pay a great deal of money in SEO for those results. In turn, they are going to make those fees back on their clients. Additionally, first doesn’t always mean best. Be very careful of this and check their portfolio and solicit a few references. A good photographer or wedding entertainment company will be happy to offer you references.
I would highly recommend asking your friends, family, and co-workers before you even take the leap online. We were referred to our photographer as a result of a casual conversation we had with someone in a gym class. Someone you know has seen wedding pictures and likely has a name or two he or she could pass along. Don’t be shy and use your best resources which in this case are the people you know.
It goes without saying, but check their portfolios. The first photographer we checked out had a great price, was highly recommended, but had a very underwhelming portfolio. His pictures were uncreative, the lighting was terrible, and quite frankly the pictures were fairly boring. Keep in mind that this was his portfolio he presented to perspective clients so these were in his mind, his best pictures. Seeing the creativity of our photographer’s portfolio is really what sealed the deal for us. If they don’t have anything to show you, move on.
Finally, make sure to get together and meet with your photographer before you commit. I found this to be a real important element in choosing ours. We met with a few photographers before we made our decision and at the end of the day, the photographer we went with just seemed to understand more of what we wanted than anyone else. Being a good photographer doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a good wedding photographer, so it is important to meet and talk beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page and their visions are the same as yours.

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