Top 6 Ideas For Your Wedding Decorations

Your wedding is that big day when everything has to go off without a hitch. The decorations are an important part of this special day, so make sure you pay due attention to them! The tables, the venue, the reception area all have to look absolutely splendid to celebrate your day. Use your imagination and you can make your dream wedding come true even on a small budget.
The Internet is a great place to look for more ideas to creatively decorate your wedding. Forums of prospective brides and grooms are especially rich with ideas. Here are a few tips to help you start:
• Confetti: Confetti is a tradition that has evolved from the pagan practice of scattering petals and leaves on married couples. Today’s confetti of course comes in various shapes and sizes and materials. You can have tissue hearts or actual rose petals that have been dried, glittery hearts and stars or almost anything at all.
• Wedding Party Favors: This tradition also is very old, thousands of years old in fact. In ancient times, weddings meant the guests returned with five sugar-almonds representing health, wealth, longevity, happiness and fertility. Chocolates or sweets are still used today, though usually wrapped in cellophane and ribbons. Food isn’t the only wedding favor you can gift, though. Golf addicts may want to give out customized golf balls and so on.
• Flowers: Flowers have been an age-old favorite for wedding decorations and not surprisingly. They can be used as table centre-pieces or for button-holes. Corsages and decorating pews also need flowers. Buffet tables and table tops could always use some flower decorations too.
• Balloons: Big bunches of balloons! Imagine these in the centre of your wedding venue or on the tables. They can make lovely color statements adding brightness to your already bright day. Arches or pillars can be decorated with balloons too. Not to mention any ugly corners of the venue that can be hidden behind masses of balloons.
• Glass: Bowls of glass or vases or huge wine glasses are a big favorite too. These can be piled up with colored stones, leaves or colored water with candles floating on top. A circular mirror placed next to these can make really lovely sights.
• Backdrops: A wedding backdrop can really change the look of your wedding day. Place them behind the tables to add a dramatic effect, or add sparkles to make the day shine!
Flower pots or vases can be bought from cheap stores and still look classy. Dress them up yourself with spray paint and ribbons. Candles too are an important part of the wedding decoration. These can be placed on the tables of the couple, the parents, or even in the aisles and centre of the hall. Candles also help in enhancing the lighting of your wedding day, making it a lovely sight. Whatever you choose to go with just remember to keep an eye on your budget and use lots of creativity to make your wedding stand out.

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