Ways to Spend the Least Amount On Your Wedding Cake

There is no way for you to have a wedding reception without a wedding cake. But, imagine paying at least $700 on a single cake. Surely, it is going to eat up a good chunk of your wedding budget. However, there are ways that will help you save. Follow some tips given by someone who has gone through the mill.
One of the best ways to save on your wedding reception cake is to have minimum decorations on it. When you order yours, choose the simplest design possible. It will save time for the one who adds decorations. Therefore, the cost will come down. Those delicate decorations take time to add and they cost you money.
In case you are skilled on making bakery products, try making it yourself. If you have a friend who has knowledge and experience on the art, get her help. You are going to save a lot when you do so. You also have the option to have a smaller and cheaper one on the desert table and have a sheet cake prepared by a friend to serve your guests.
In case you have made up your mind to buy yours from an outside party, talk to your local baker first. Probably he will make it at a very much lower cost than a professional who undertakes this kind of jobs. Another option is to order your cake from the wedding reception venue. When you do so, you could easily save some money by way of cutting charges. In case you source it from outside, management of your wedding venue will charge a cutting fee.
Instead of using wedding cake accessories provided by your baker and the decorator, you could buy our own accessories such as pillars, stands and toppers. You will only spend a small sum to buy the entire lot. Also, after your reception you could sell them to someone. This way you save a lot.
Whatever is the way you source your cake, most often you decorate it with natural flowers. Your florist is going to charge you a good sum for these flowers. Instead, buy artificial flowers which will look very much similar. It will not only save some money for you but also will prevent littering the place with petals of natural flowers.
Though these look simple tips they are practical and will save you substantial amounts of money. Plan your wedding using these tips. You will find it easier to balance your budget.

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