Wedding Budget – Budget For Donations, Tips & Gifts For Your Wedding

Although most wedding budget planners seem to cover every possible element of your day, there are several hidden costs that you will need to add in. These include things like legal fees, insurance and smaller costs such as tips, donations and gifts, all of which can soon add up to a significant portion of your overall budget.
As you progress with your wedding planning you may well find that you have an ever growing list of ‘extras’ some which may include:
1. Church/religious donation: some venues may ask for a donation whilst others may just imply that one would be gratefully received. Ask politely what they amount they consider as a donation if you are in any doubt. As a guide $100-$150 is typical.
2. Reception venues: some public buildings such as halls or huts or private venues such as barns, fields or gardens, may not charge you hire costs. But you may feel that giving some kind of donation would be appropriate. As a guide $50-$100.
3.Car parking: if you manage to get permission for wedding guests to park their cars in private car parks or those belonging to a public building – offices, schools etc, then a donation to that building is usual. Budget around $50.
4. Bridesmaids gifts: these maybe on your budget planner already. But if they are not then you will need to factor them in. These gifts do not need to be very extravagant most bride’s will give simple jewelry, books or a wristwatch. Budget $20-$30 per bridesmaid.
5. Best man gift: again this might be on your planner already. Most couple’s choose something such as cufflinks to give as a best man present. Budget $30-$40.
6. Parents and others gifts: it is traditional to give the mothers’ bouquets of flowers as a thank you. If you want to give both parents a gift consider a joint present such as tickets to the theatre or a restaurant meal. If you have received help from other people you may also want to arrange bouquets for them. Budget between $20-$30 per gift.
7. Reception staff/bar staff: tips are normal at any venue no matter what the occasion so you may want to arrange for tips to given to the waiting staff who serve your wedding breakfast. You can delegate the best man to take charge of this using cash. The amount you give will depend on the number of staff employed on the day. As a guide $50-$100.
8. Taxis: have some cash available should you need to hire a cab to take guests home, particularly those who become slightly worse for wear as the day wears on! Budget about $5-$10 although you may need more if you have to bribe the cab driver to take them or even have to pay their fare!

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