Wedding Decorating Ideas – How to Decorate Your Wedding to Match Your Overall Theme

When it comes time to think about Wedding Decorating Ideas, you need to keep in mind the theme of your wedding. You may not have an actual theme, but as long as you know what you want the overall “feel” of your wedding to be, that is enough. If you already have your dress, think about what theme that falls into (is it casual or traditional?) or if you have already chosen your reception or ceremony location, what theme do they follow (formal or fun?)
Here are some wedding decorating ideas for your reception broken down into themes. (Please if you have a theme that I haven’t included here, let me know!)
– Romantic Lots of candles, baby pink roses, dimmed lighting. Tables named instead of numbered as romantic movie titles, your guests can say “I’m sitting at Gone with the Wind table”
– Casual Stand up cocktail party with minimal decorations, some fun photos of you and your fiance around the room. Have some flowers here and there and a beautiful view is all you’ll need.
– Traditional Look at your mother or grandmothers wedding photos for inspiration. Think lace, pearls & cream roses.
– Vintage Similar to Traditional with lace and creams instead of white, finger wave curls in your hair 40’s style. Look at flea markets & antique stores for inspiration.
– Beachy. Sand in large vases with shells and star fish casually in the vase as a center piece, maybe a long candle as well. Nothing too colorful, keep it classy by having all white/pale shells and one small, pale orange starfish.
– Winter. Lots of fire places, mulled wine or eggnog, candles and fur coats and throw rugs casually strewn over chairs. Also, cross your fingers for a light snow on the day to tie in the theme beautifully!
– Fall. Place beautiful colored fall leaves under a sheer table cloth on your tables, red apples with a wedge cut out of the top as place card holders, cinnamon and berries with rich red flowers
– Spring. Lots of white & pink & greenery, cherry blossoms, fresh & fragrant, keep everything light and airy.
– Love. Love heart shaped table names and place cards, very similar to romantic. (Name your tables instead of number them) Don’t over use pink here – we are not hosting a sweet 16 after all.
– Hollywood Glamor. Black ribbons & white flowers, a few large black feathers, mirrors on table under vases, name your tables’ classic romantic movies or actor/actress names
– Religious. It is always lovely to observe your own religious traditions and remember your parents are probably the best for advice here. But keep the decorations simple, white flowers and ribbons or whatever color is most appropriate. (Red for Indian weddings)
– Outdoor. This can give you great wedding decoration ideas if you love the outdoors. Why not have your reception in the afternoon in a garden? Tie candles hanging low from trees, if it’s your garden plant things that will flower at that time, if it’s not your garden, buy pot plants to place around to brighten it up. You’ll need a back up rain plan though. Also have a little couple, hiking or fishing as the cake topper.
– Fairytale. Think Castles, Big Dress, a veil, and your prince charming. Look to Disney weddings for your inspiration – extravagance is a must here!
– Modern. Read through the latest & most expensive wedding magazines for the most modern wedding decoration ideas. Visit a local recently built or refurbished restaurant or bar for ideas on latest decorating trends.
– Fun. Something quirky like goldfish in fish bowls as center pieces, have something your guests can sign, have a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. Maybe have disposable cameras for your guests (but don’t let the groom’s single friends get hold of too many or you’ll end up with photos of who knows what!)
– Paris or Venice etc. Name your tables after cities, Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam etc. Have pictures of you and your fiancé in those cities around the room if you’ve been, have mini Eiffel towers as center pieces (can be bought from home wares stores or online)
– The city you are from. (Have tables named after suburbs or streets in your home town), and use a flower that is prominent in the local area or that reminds you of home. Have photos of you growing up as well as your fiance (if you are not from the same town have his side of the room referring to his home town?)
– Gothic. Black, Black lace table cloths, lots of eye makeup, be careful of this theme so as not to scare your grandmother!
– Butterfly/dragonfly Use this insect as the centerpiece of all your printed items; also have pretty faux insects under a shear table cloth
– Peacock Have Peacock feathers in vases on tables, goes lovely with purple or green bridesmaid’s dresses

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