Wedding Photography Budgeting – How to Make the Cost Decision

The big day is being planned, and the list of tasks is long and detailed. Weddings involve planning for the venue, catering, flowers, drinks, dresses, hotels, invitations, and so much more. When it comes to wedding photography, many couples get initial “sticker shock” when they start pricing out what a wedding photographer costs in their area. I live in New England, and when I looked for a wedding photographer up here I was astonished at how much they cost at the top end of the range, but also equally surprised that you can also get someone very cheap if you really want to take the risk. So how do you make that budgetary decision on this particular wedding service?
The standard argument about wedding photography goes like this: Once the reception is over, the guests say their goodbyes, and the centerpieces are appropriated one-by-one by the souvenir hunters who want to take them home, the only things that will truly remain from your wedding are your memories, your lifelong commitment (hopefully), and your wedding photographs. When you hold this fact up next to all the other budget line items, it’s easy to make the case that you should spend more on the photographer and less on those extra bacon-wrapped scallop appetizers at cocktail hour that people weren’t really expecting to be offered in the first place.
Everyone who goes through their wedding day says the same thing afterward… “it flew by so fast”. You need good photographs to bring the experience back to life in your mind, and this is not an area that you want to skimp on. If you are having trouble fitting a high-quality, creative wedding photographer into your wedding budget, just go through some of the other line items and ask yourself, “is this really more valuable to me in the long run as compared to my wedding photos, which will last a lifetime?”. Or do this… figure out how much your photographer will cost, compared to how many years you will live with the results of their work. Do you plan to live for another 60 years? Well then on a per-year basis, those lovely wedding photos, which preserve the images of you looking your best, and having the time of your life, aren’t really so expensive after all.
Hiring a wedding photographer is an important decision, so make sure you get a seasoned professional whose work you truly feel is beautiful, and in touch with your own personal tastes. Yes, this might cost you more, even a lot more, than you were expecting, but the day will come when you will be so glad you made the investment.

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