Wedding Photography: Quality and Quantity

Wedding Photography: Quality and Quantity

Wedding Photography is now done mostly in digital. With this technology both the photographer and the clients can actually see the shots taken instantly making it easier to repeat the process until the result is satisfactory – well, that is, for those who really want perfect shots.

Digital wedding photography allows you to take more shots than you need and there is no need to print every photo. All you need to do is save those photos in a disc. This is also the best and the safest way to preserve those valuable shots and you can choose only the ones that you would want printed.

This type of photography uses high resolution that means grainy shots are eliminated and photo enlargements are very clear, sharp and you see its truest color. Lighting can also be changed or adjusted using modern software. Clarity is achieved making all the shots outstanding in quality. This has enabled the wedding photography in Sydney to move on up to the next level with the use of photo management software making it easy to make adjustments and cropping some shots with distractions that affects the beauty of your photo. Experiment with each shot like adjusting the gaps, blurring busy backgrounds to make it look ideal or to focus the shot on one object or person. It is now also possible to use, change background and textures. It also makes it easier to add some details or convert it to sepia – the possibilities are endless.

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If the couple wants some back up copies the process is so easy and takes no time – just burn to disc, and voila you have copies that you can distribute to family and friends. What’s great about it is that the extra steps taken to retouch the photos to make them even better are now enjoyed by the people you have shared these fantastic shots and your guests may have a shot or two included in the disc. It also makes it even easier to share your photos to family and friends who were not able to attend your memorable day due to distance. Host photos to share online without having to print and send bulky mails so wherever they may be in the world they will see your photos quickly.

Some tips from the pros:

Don’t forget the general rule of thirds. Don’t be afraid to try different angles to make beautiful shots.

Bear in mind that with the digital aspect you can shoot as many as you can and as many as you like anyway, you can correct, delete or add small things and crop easier than ever before.

Also, never forget to do things right like simple things such as careful attention to details, respecting the couples choices and decisions, treating your clients right and delivering excellently is the perfect and biggest advertisement you can make as a wedding photographer. Happy customers will tell their family and friends about you. Enjoy doing your job and always remember, you are a part of a couples memorable moments preservation, how they value the wedding photography photos you made is also how they would value YOU!

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