Wedding Planning – Picking a Color Scheme

Before starting anything with your wedding, you have to pick out a color scheme and stick with it. If you are having trouble ask yourself a few questions to get your creativity going. One such question could be what time of year is my wedding? If your wedding is in the summer you may want to use fresh and vibrant colors. If on the other hand your wedding falls on a day in autumn or winter deep and dramatic colors work best.
Color Psychology:
Traditionally white was chosen for weddings, because white is the symbol of purity and innocence. The art of using color to invoke a certain mood or atmosphere is called color psychology. This type of psychology is helpful when selecting wedding color schemes because you want to set the best mood and atmosphere for your big day.
Here is the color psychology for a few of the most popular colors:
If you are thinking of using red in your color scheme you should know that red stimulates faster breathing and a faster heartbeat. Since red is the color for love it’s natural that it might be selected for wedding decorations. Just keep in mind that red is an attention getter and should, in most cases, be used only as an accent when decorating.
Blue is one of the world’s most popular colors and for good reason. Blues bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a room. Deeper shades of blue symbolize loyalty which is the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, don’t you think?
Choosing a shade of green invites nature to your wedding. Green was often used in old days to symbolize fertility. This color also promotes feelings of peace and calmness.
Orange and yellow are happy optimistic colors that evoke courage and confidence. These colors help concentration and promote harmony.
Brown color schemes have become quite popular in recent years. This color is the symbol for nature, much like the color green. Brown also symbolizes reliability and solidity.
If you still can’t decide on a color scheme do not be discouraged. Some of the most popular schemes in recent years have been natural colors, such as creams, browns, and greens. If you are going for a more sophisticated look for your wedding decor consider using black, white, and accenting in red, pink, or turquoise. An excellent trendy wedding theme is using chocolate brown with baby blue.
After reading this you should now have enough information to pick out the very best color scheme for your big day. Remember if you get stuck, a good way to pick out your colors is to look at the psychology behind the color and if all else fails use the most popular color schemes as your own.

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